Photographer’s Classic Equipment


Updated on august 8, 2023

My Gear Essentials
So before starting, I want to be transparent with you, because yes I work with brands that either gives me material or pays me or both, but however unlike other photographers I only site material with which I work, I will not pretend to use this or that material just to make money and never use it.” All the equipment that I site I use in real life, in my job as a photographer every day !

First part the photographic equipment
I use a Hasselblad 500CM and a Lumix S52, the Lumix S5 which has a sensor of 24 MP and it is much more flexible because even in low light it does not generate too much noise and its size allows me to take it everywhere with me in a simple backpack. however the 24 mp quickly shows its limits in the enlargements but is still of good quality.


Secondly the retouching and the backup of my photos
I use an Apple MacBook Pro M2 Ultra of 14 and an iPad Pro  coupled with a Benq 32 pc PD3220U screen, this one offers a large workspace but it is only 4K and it is necessary to know that 4k in 32 pc makes you lose the Retina quality to benefit from Retina in 32 pc you need at least 6k however it remains a very good monitor even if it does not cover the Adobe RGB color space at 100%.

To save my work and manage my photos I use Lacie hard drives, because they are very reliable and can manage large data capacity, the first is a Lacie 2 Big for backups of my first retouching under Lightroom for pure backup of all my photos in Raw, I use a Lacie 6 Big 18 TO, for processing my videos I use a LaCie SSDPRO which offers incredible reading and writing speed, when I’m traveling I always have LaCie Rugged classic or ssd with me.

Photographer’s Classic Equipment


I use a Wandrd Prvke backpack, it’s simple for me it’s the best bag I could find !  because it’s comfortable, resistant and has a lot of storage space better than the other brands, in the city to go unnoticed,
My tripod is a Manfrotto ,I use an aluminum tripod, because being heavier this one resists better to the wind and is more stable in case of gust.

My drone is a DJI Mini 3 Pro, this one offers a good image quality while offering a small footprint, and it benefits from a good flight autonomy of 30 minutes which leaves time to make a lot of photos and or videos.
The most important thing for me when I travel is not to end up with a defective hardware so I use and recommend these brands for all these reasons.
My retouching softwares are mainly Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic and  the mobile version.
Here I think I have made the tour of the essential of my equipment of photographer, if you have questions do not hesitate to ask them, I answer them as soon as possible, thank you for having taken the time to read me.

Buy My Gear

1. Macbookpro M2Ultra
2. LaCie 2 BIG
3. LaCie 4 To Rugged
4. Lumix S1R
5. Lumix S52
6. Lumix S 16-35 mm
7. Lumix S 24-70 mm
8. Benq 3220U
9. Manfrotto Tripod
10. LaCie 6 Big
11. DJI Mini 3 Pro
12. Backpack Wandrd