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California Dreamin


Discover the beauty through our latest collection of captivating photos.
Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of our collection of captivating photographs.
Ludwig Favre has a unique talent for transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual stories.

Bowler Hat Chronicles: The New Yorker

Bowler Hat Chronicles: The New Yorker Location : New York Shooting date : 2023 Worldwide shipping Delivery in 10 working days Maximum
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Ludwig Favre photography

America's Coasts

I photograph with passion each place each moment, i vibrate with the sounds and lights of each city of this country, and i do not forget that the photo is above all a sharing of the world that we live with my own vision that this one can be black and dark or bright and colorful. i wish to make you discover through this first book dedicated to a country that fascinates me and that i love more than anything.

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Chromatic is a collection of 176 Photographs Shot from the east and the west coast of America.
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