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    Frequently asked questions


    We offer worldwide delivery with an estimated delivery time of approximately + or – 10 working days. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on your location and other factors outside of our control.

    Trouble choosing

    If you’re having trouble choosing between a classic aluminum format and acrylic glass, we recommend opting for the acrylic glass finish. This finish has been known to enhance the colors of the photo, making it look more vibrant and eye-catching.

    Damaged Article

    If you receive a damaged item and have followed the control procedure during delivery, we will take care of sending you a replacement item as soon as possible. You will be informed of its shipment, and you can track its delivery progress using a tracking number.

    Limited Edition

    Our Fine Art Prints are limited to only 30 artworks worldwide, making them a truly unique and exclusive addition to your collection. Each work of art comes with a digital certificate of authenticity, providing you with the assurance that you have a genuine, one-of-a-kind piece.

    Shipping Costs

    Shipping costs , Once you have selected the format and size of the print, you can calculate the shipping costs by using the shipping cost simulator in the second step of the purchase simulation process.

    Framed Colors

    We offer a variety of color options for our framed prints, including Brown Alder, Black Oak, Natural Maple, White Maple, Natural Oak, Walnut, Matte Black, and White. Additionally, for prints on acrylic glass, we also have optional colors available.

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    Copyright notice

    Any person or organization may not use, copy, alter or modify Ludwig Favre photographs,
    or other similar reproductions without the advance written permission of Ludwig Favre.
    Thank you for your understanding !